Tokyo Night Walk

This is from 2011. Taking the long way (konbini way) home with Mikele.
strangely 2011 doesn't seem that long ago.
finally moved some files from the older PC on to the new one, so many nice memory's.  


  1. wow! yes, it seems last week. Very good memories :)
    and nice pictures!
    I too am getting all my photos organized again, this time looks very promising LR4 really rocks!

  2. yes!! feels like last week (except for the T-shirts:) drummer dude was very good also the B-ball kids.^__^
    as for organizing I'm not there yet.. hard to find the right way to do it. moving the files from the old PC i realized i had a good system then!?,
    so I'm now thinking that any way will be a good one as long as i stick to the same plan.