No time for any thing this week busy as hell but here are a few random photo from the last weeks.this first one taken with the newly purchased canon 580ex II speed light on a very dark rainy day actually the time is 14:30. Suffocation Disney
they didn't catch the killer!!



Shinjuku erea is one of the busiest commercial & hang out place in Tokyo.the pic down here is Canon's Digital House (Japanese site) went here today to change my camera & speed light user manual to English version, all you need to do is bring with you the Japanese version and they will replace it free of charge ( better to call first stock are limited)

it's wet don't sit!!



Last weekend first time in Kichijoji it takes something like 25 min on the Inogashira line from Shibuya.the main purpose of visit here is to see a rehearsal of my friends band "The Brixton Academy".
mean will going around in Inogashira park stooping like all this other people with amazed looks on there faces.
aka Mr.DAI this guy made me laugh so much couldn't hold the camera straight the only guy i know how can make people laugh like crazy over two rubber bands

if you ever bump in to this guy street show i recommend to stay till the last act......??

spent a couple of quiet hours in the park and then back to the CITY and "The Brixton Academy" at the rehearsal studio


Night Snap

Finally the rain stooped how knows for how long? a good chance to ride back home with the camera snapping away around Aoyama St. and my home neighborhood.

This guys just have to stop something or someone regardless!!!!!there are so many Police around lately they are all over the place? i think something to do with a political summit up in Hokkaido. i was actually asked by a patrol man today what am i doing taking pic of Flowers around my home???what? ( go to Hokkaido!)

Any way was happy to come back home finding this big one around the corner .
looked this flower up it is a part of a big Family of "Brugmansia"this one only open at night time.

and then some experiments with high ISO etc...