Defiantly the highlight of our new year visit to Kyoto. at the beginning a very small live house in Kyoto didn't sounded like the right choice for new year party but as it turn out to be one of the best experience i had in Kyoto night live, Fucking hard core bands, Punk, Metal, Def, rock&Roll , and a very high tension friendly crowd. if you are in Kyoto looking for something other than old culture check this place out .SOCRATES

After Lunch Walk

new years very relaxed vacation in Kameoka Kyoto , it has bin a while since i Had time to have a quiet walk after a late lunch.

Self Portrait
with some help from the laundry softener.



The Moon Today

beautiful full moon in Shibuya today,,


9th Cyclist

Sakiko is 2 weeks in to her 9th month of pregnancy and still on her bike every day.
who ever hear that say, Are you MAD??(or in more polite Japanese "are you sure it's OK?")
she say she will take her chances on the bike rather then train rush time and walking to and from stations. Obviously she is extra careful and ride slowly then usual. :)(: