Walking Around

Its this colors of autumn everything strikes me as beautiful.


The Lotus Field

My mom and some south americans friends.
Nutria is a large semiaquatic beaverlike rodent, native to south america, and now also native to Kyoto and all over Japan.   


A walk around Kyoto and Ebisu the god of wealth

Jan 2015 around Kyoto station Gion and then on to Ebisu-Jinja (shrine) for the Ebisu san festival.
Ebisu is the god of wealth. many come here on Jan 10th to bring back their past year lucky charm ornaments. to thank the gods and pray for a new year success and prosperity, then on to buy new lucky charms for the new year. All of this accompanied by traditional music and dance. i remember the flute dominating a very uplifting tune. Like any such festival there are many people and lines for everything. much less visitors at night time. 
i try my best to stay discreet and mindful of the situation and people around me. 

 photo of the lady and dog is taken by my 6 years old son.  


Short walk in Hakuba

Jan 1st 2015. it was snowing and windy. i was thinking how to keep my lens clean while taking some photos in this weather. i decided to wear one glove on the left hand and to keep the shutter one bare in the pocket.​ the camera had to go under the jacket, my saggy snowboard wear allowed that. i was funny looking and if someone saw my drew the camera stunt they probably had a laugh. when i got back to the flat the camera was ok wet. my right hand was cold and the lens had a couple of drops. ^___^



My brother in Kyoto.