Flowers in a windy night

In Yoyogi not much time to practice that night but it's a start.


New Wind

New wind is blowing!! 

The Hakone Open-Air Museum

The Hakone Open-Air Museum is one of my favorites. this summer was my second visit there. the first one was in the spring of 2006 (bottom 2 pic) most of the sculptors was the same but the different season gave a totally new different feeling to the place and art. next time in mid winter.

Family portraits

all of our portrait's as captured live and in a meter of minuets by artist Illustrator Nobumasa Takahashi @ the hakone open air museum *__*


Photo Shoot

This is for my web page last week was the 3rd time i take this kind of Photo.
except from the diffusion umbrella and the stand (about 15,000 Yen) all the rest is home made from some very useful Junk i had laying around the office. Thank you Yuki, Ma-kun & Yohei :)



This is from my short but well needed Summer vacation in Gifu at the small village of Kamiyahagi. fireworks where launched from a rice field only 50-70 m in front of us and no other lights in sight. so close i could capture this with a 17-85 lens.