the color of persimmon

Nepali Pagoda

truly amazing wood craftsmanship. for a moment there i was feeling in Nepal.


Autumn is coming

those 2 are from 2012. at the amazing Omotokyo garden in Kameoka.


Kamikochi Aug 2013 part one

Kamikochi hike was one of the highlights of this summer, no actual master plan ended up leading us to green relaxation. we did end up at (2300m) and spend a night in Karasaw, somewhere between those mountains on the 3rd image from bottom.


Obon Meeting

i like joining on those obon meetings, thanking and welcoming the gods of the river and the forest. drinking and laughing for the whole afternoon.



Around home

most photo in my town Kameoka, its the Typhoon season and looks like the Typhoons just love coming on the weekends.