My brother in Kyoto. 


Ishikawa Tomato Farm

some more photos form the tomato farm, where we spend many of our summer vacations.


chasing monkeys

photos from last summer around Ishikawa tomato farm in Kamiyahagi Gifu. luckily the monkeys are not coming for the tomato's they are here for the sweat corn only.
after tasting corn they realize nothing in the forest can top that taste. and i cant blame them for keep on coming for more.its a shame they make a big mess, biting and tasting, braking branches and throwing corn around. they are smart and a hand full to bother with! since corn was just for fun this year they decided not waisting time on that and concentrating mainly on the tomato's.  


Biwako / Lake Biwa

is the biggest lake in Japan, at most points you can see only the horizon. my son keep on calling it the sea. 
for many years it was vastly polluted but action taken for many years and on going. have got the lake to a clean state. still some Invasive fish species are the cos of nature imbalance. most beaches are usually packed with people during July-August and sometimes you cant really see much with all the BBQ smoke. i personally love coming here during off season May to beginning of june or in Sep. if your lucky you might just have a privet beach.