Night Snap

Finally the rain stooped how knows for how long? a good chance to ride back home with the camera snapping away around Aoyama St. and my home neighborhood.

This guys just have to stop something or someone regardless!!!!!there are so many Police around lately they are all over the place? i think something to do with a political summit up in Hokkaido. i was actually asked by a patrol man today what am i doing taking pic of Flowers around my home???what? ( go to Hokkaido!)

Any way was happy to come back home finding this big one around the corner .
looked this flower up it is a part of a big Family of "Brugmansia"this one only open at night time.

and then some experiments with high ISO etc...

1 comment:

  1. roy, very cool pictures of the trees there.

    i've never understood the ISO thing on my camera, i'll have to get a handle on it.